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Urban development is societal development! Planning and managing the development of contemporary cities is one of the major societal challenges all over the world today. The global spread of technology and economic activity continues to impact upon towns, cities and urban mega-regions. In short, we live in an 'urban society'.

The city must be seen as a complex physical, technical and social phenomenon linked to networks of both local anchoring and global spread. However, not all cities share the same fortune in terms of positive development. In an age of global transformation, cities are competing fiercely for companies, employees and investment. Cities linked to global networks of transportation, communication and flows of images may be today's winners, whereas cities outside the reach of such networks are running the risk of 'splintering' into layers of mobility and living spaces mainly regulated by economic powers. Such urban competition leads developers, politicians and planners to think about the particular identity of their individual cities in a global urban context.

These development trends mean that the 'urban society' needs plans, visions and guiding principles for intervention in this complex context. In order to increase the positive social, economic and environmental facets of the urban society and reduce the negative ones we must put forward well-informed analyses, realistic visions and sound interdisciplinary solutions.

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