Introduction to Master's Programme in Urban Planning and Management

The future of cities and urban regions concern all of us. Urban development and change play a key role in societal development all over the world. Urbanism and urban life is a primary mediating force in transforming economies, technologies, social interaction and the environment. Cities and urban regions encompass a complex mixture of social activities, innovation, flows, movement and networked technical infrastructures, and as such urbanism is a dynamic socio-technical phenomenon.

The Master's Programme in Urban Planning and Management at Aalborg University enables candidates to understand and cope with the challenges of urban development in the 21st century through a unique integration of engineering and social science. Managing the challenges of urban policy and planning in the global era requires an interdisciplinary approach that combines technical, social, economic, and environmental knowledge. The future development of cities and urban regions requires urban policy makers and planners with an understanding of global development trends as well as of local-regional contexts and identities. It takes imagination and creativity as well as solid socio-technical knowledge and skill to envision, plan, and manage urban transformations that underpin and support goals of economic, social, democratic and ecological development.

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